So Natural, So Kind, Even Edible!

During and after baths, babies explore the world; their tiny hands touch their skin and eventually make their way to their mouths. This is a crucial moment highlighting the importance of the ingredients applied to the baby's skin. With these considerations in mind, we decided to create the Mamaaura Edible Ingredient Baby Care Series. We formulated our products entirely with edible food active ingredients. These products, suitable for the delicate and permeable structure of baby skin, are also highly ideal for adults with very sensitive skin.



The Touchof Science with the Power of Nature: Formulated with Edible Food Ingredients

Mamaaura Baby Series is a masterpiece formulated with edible* food ingredients. We have combined the best of what nature offers and the precision of science to protect and care for your baby's delicate skin. With our safe, effective, and gentle formulas, we support your baby in safely exploring the world with every touch. We are not only protecting the skin but also promoting the healthy development of your baby's skin.

Effectiveness Confirmed by Clinical Studies

The Mamaaura Baby Series is backed by scientific research and clinical studies. To provide the best protection and care for your baby's delicate skin, we conducted comprehensive tests and studies to prove the effectiveness and safety of our products. These items moisturize and protect sensitive baby skin, building a healthy skin barrier.

A Mother’s Love: Always Knows What’s Best

At Mamaaura, we understand and share the love and dedication mothers have for their children. We know that every mother wants to choose what’s best for her baby. That’s why we too desire everything that touches your baby's skin to be perfect for their healthy development. By offering the best of science and nature, we deliver the finest to your baby’s skin.

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