Dermo-Cosmetic Approach: Functional Hair Care Series

Developed specifically for every hair type and need, Mamaaura Hair Experts Hair Care Series aims to offer the most effective and functional care for your hair. Mamaaura Hair Experts strives to provide targeted solutions to your hair with a scientific approach. With clinically approved formulas, it supports your hair to be healthier, shinier, and more vibrant every day. Discover now and choose the best for your hair!



End Shedding with the Power of Fortify Me

Procapil and Capilla Longa are clinically approved patented active ingredients. Within 120 days, Procapil reduces hair loss by up to 85%, while Capilla Longa alone reduces hair loss by up to 89% within 150 days. They offer a solution that is both safe and more effective compared to drug-derived actives like minoxidil. Discover the natural strength of your hair without any side effects.

Say Goodbye to Dandruff with Purify Me

Mamaaura Purify Me Shampoo offers a 100% effective solution to dandruff from the first wash. After 4 weeks of regular use, you'll notice that the dandruff does not recur for up to 8 weeks. All these effects are proven by clinical studies. Discover Now.

Ultra Hydration: Hydrate Me Shampoo

Specifically developed for dry hair, Mamaaura Hydrate Shampoo grants 8 times more moisture to your hair compared to regular shampoos. It prevents frizz and static in your hair for up to 72 hours. Discover Now.

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