Environment Policy

Sensitive to Nature and Environment "Environment and Skin Friendly"

Mamaaura products do not harm nature thanks to their content created with a skin and environment friendly formula enriched with a vitamin complex and oils. We are aware of our responsibility towards nature.


As innovative and skin-friendly as our formulation is, how our products are produced must also be in harmony with our principles and be equally innovative.

Minimal Active Ingredients

Our priority in all our R&D investments is to develop products with high natural content and use as few active ingredients as possible. While developing skin-friendly products, we also take care of the environment. During our production process, we focus on the safety of the environment with raw materials and production processes that have the lowest impact. Because we know the value of being healthy and a clean environment.

Sustainable Bio-Farming Practices

In the selection of active ingredients, we use ecological, sustainable bio-farming products. We contribute fairly to the farmers who are the producers of our most natural active ingredients, obtained from various locations around the world. We apply GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) procedures. We value environmental ecology and human health with "Sustainable Bio Farming Practices." Because we know that nature is a part of us, and we have responsibilities towards it.

Reducing Carbon Footprint, Supporting Recycling

We prefer recycled materials and recyclable materials in all the packaging we use, and produce them with the highest technology. We do not prefer air travel in our global logistics operations to reduce our carbon footprint. All our product packages are eco-friendly. They are produced from renewed and renewable materials. We support the recycling of depleted product packages.