Say No to Animal Testing

Say No to Experiments and Tests Conducted on Animals!

We know that life is unique and all living beings have rights to their natural lives. We want animals to be treated well and we don't want them to suffer cruel torment. We are fulfilling our responsibility to ensure that the beautiful creatures of nature, animals, do not suffer any victimization. Mamaaura does not have an animal testing facility and we do not allow others to conduct animal experiments on our behalf.

We Are Proud of Ourselves…

We do not allow our business partners to conduct animal testing as per our supplier code of conduct. We do not collaborate with organizations that perform animal testing. We apply the highest standards to ourselves and our suppliers in this matter. We will not be present in China until the Chinese government changes its policy on testing on animals.

We Are Against Any Behavior That Harms Animals

We make a clear commitment on this matter; we do not and will not test our products on animals. Because we dearly love all animals and nature. We test our products in the laboratory (in vitro tests) and with volunteer humans.

All Animals Have the Right to Be Treated with Respect

We are aware of our responsibility towards the ecosystem and nature. With this sensitivity, we do not find tests conducted on animals to be correct. We respect the right to life of every living being. Mamaaura owns 100% “cruelty-free” products that have not been tested on animals.