Vegan Policy

Vegan Product Policy

Mamaaura does not harm nature thanks to its environment and skin-friendly formula enriched with a vitamin complex and natural ingredients. Mamaaura employees, business partners, and suppliers respect the right to life of all living beings.

Natural, Vegan Friendly

We understand the importance of product content and the production stage for a Vegan. Therefore, we do not use any animal-derived active ingredients in our products. We do not test our products on animals.

Say No to Animal Testing!

We are aware of our responsibility towards nature. With this sensitivity, we do not find tests conducted on animals to be correct, and we are against any behavior that harms animals. Because we dearly love all animals and nature.

We Are Proud of Ourselves…

We do not use any active ingredients that have been tested on animals. We do not allow our business partners to conduct animal testing as per our supplier behavior rules. We never cooperate with any organization that transfers animals from their natural environment to a laboratory setting. We apply the highest standards to ourselves and our suppliers in this matter. *We dermatologically test all our formulas on volunteer individuals.